Village Graveyard (Side Quest 2 - A Grave Situation)


A shipwrecked on a beach, complete with geysers and a cave in the cliff. The Village Graveyard Map Pack includes the following digital downloads:

  • Village Graveyard No Fog - Letter - 8.5x11 (GRID/NONGRID)
  • Village Graveyard No Fog - A4 (GRID/NONGRID)
  • Village Graveyard No Fog - (GRID/NONGRID)
  • Village Graveyard No Fog - DTT - (GRID/NONGRID)
  • Village Graveyard Fog - Letter - 8.5x11 (GRID/NONGRID)
  • Village Graveyard Fog - A4 (GRID/NONGRID)
  • Village Graveyard Fog - (GRID/NONGRID)
  • Village Graveyard Fog - DTT - (GRID/NONGRID)

    This map was made for Side Quest 2 - A Grave Situation from The Lost Adventures Vol. 1, but are system-neutral, and can be used in any fantasy game, or digital tabletops such as Roll20, Fantasy GroundsFoundry VTT, Astral, and more.

    The Ancient Tomb was provided by Infinite Dimensions Games and can be purchased separately here

    FORMAT: PDF (for both digital tabletop and home printing) 


    A4, 8.5in. x 11in., Digital Tabletop
    MAP ART BY: Liam Young (MapMan Creations)


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    More About This Collection: 

    The Village Graveyard Map Pack is a part of the Lost Adventures Vol. 1 Collection, which was made thanks to 3,596 backers.