The Lost Adventures Company was created by Danny from 3D Printed Tabletop to make 3D printable models and RPG products made for other 3D Printing DMs (just like him!)

After launching and delivering three successful kickstarter campaigns, we decided to make The Lost Adventures Company official.

Dillon Olney is our Creative Director, Full-Time Necromancer, and Arachno-amante. A true master of the spreadsheet. He has miraculously been in a D&D campaign that's run for most of his adult life. He runs Critical Crafting on YouTube and is getting ready to reveal a 5E-supplement Patreon very soon.

Nicholas Porterfield is our Community Manager, 3D Printing Enthusiast, and Honorary Jedi Master. He's also the best Monster Hunter player I know (seriously). Nick is also a phenomenal problem solver, and we're lucky to have him.

AJ DeCaprio is our Director of Photography & occasional Graphic Design Wizard. If he isn't helping produce content for the channel, he's probably learning some cutting edge technique to make him even more of a video pro. Or he's just a warlock and is born with innate awesomeness. He's incredibly talented though and helps with all things video and art for the company.  

Have a question or want to reach out? Email us: info@lostadventures.co