Essential Equipment

Essential Equipment

One of the most common questions I get on YouTube is what 3D printers, supplies, and equipment I use and/or recommend. To make things easy, I’ve made this extensive list of as much as I could. 

There are plenty of ways to support me and the work I do with 3D Printed Tabletop. One of the best ways, one that is also of no extra cost to you, is if you purchase any of these items that I use to make videos and content for the channel.

Everything on this list are things I’d recommend to a friend if they asked me what they should get (in any of these categories). That means I’ve used everything on this list, and have only shared things that meet my quality standards after using them for a significant period of time.

As time goes on, the list will be updated based on new items I find and my experience with these products as well. If there’s a purchase you have questions about (like a 3D printer) - I always suggest doing your own research beforehand. I made a video just for you if you’re in this situation! 

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Quick "Get Started" Equipment Lists

FDM "Get-Started"

Creality Ender 3 S1 -  
Elegoo Neptune 2S -
99% IPA - 
Microfiber Cleaning Cloths -
eSun PLA+ Gray -
Miniature Model Files -
Rustoleum 2X Black Primer -
Kolinsky Sable Hair Brushes -
Vallejo Game Color Acrylic Paint -

RESIN "Get Started"

(Smaller) Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K -
(Larger) Elegoo Saturn -
(Cure & Wash Station) Elegoo Mercury X Bundle - 
Aqua 4K Resin -
Nitrile Gloves - 
99% IPA -
Silicone Slap Mats -
Microfiber Cleaning Cloth -
Plastic Funnels -
Safety Goggles -


3D Printers

I’ve been fortunate enough to have tried a lot of 3D printers since I started 3D Printed Tabletop. Below are printers I’ve used that have passed my personal standard quality test over the years. I would still suggest you do your own research to find a printer that is best for you. 


Creality Ender S1 -
Creality Ender 3 V2 - 
Creality CR-10 V2 -
Elegoo Neptune 2S -


Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K -
Elegoo Mars 2 Pro -
Elegoo Mars 3 4K -
Elegoo Saturn -
FEP Film Replacements + Plastic Spatulas - (I use the spatulas as mixers, not as spatulas) 

Cure & Wash Stations

Elegoo Mercury X -
Elegoo Mercury Plus 2.0 -



If I can be honest: Most filaments will print just fine. The filaments on this list are the ones I’ve found to be most consistent when I buy them, and the best mix of colors for video making and to see print failures. If I want nice looking print without painting, I almost always choose a colored filament of the same brand. 

Yes, there are only supposed to be two rolls and colors. I love this brand and line of resin and have ever since I started to give it an honest try. Give it a shot.  

FDM - eSun PLA+ Gray -
FDM - eSun PLA+ Light Brown -


Just like filament, most resin detail boils down to good accuracy and exposure testing. Each resin varies in terms of color, brittleness, and flexibility. My favorite right now is the Phrozen Aqua Gray 4K as it has been excellent in my experience. The other resins are resins I've tried, used, and had success with (all with varying levels of brittleness and flexibility, but otherwise good quality).  

Resin - Phrozen Aqua Gray 4K -
Resin - EPAX Hard Gray -
Siraya Tech Fast Gray -
Siraya Tech Tenacious (High Impact Resistant) -
Elegoo ABS-Like Gray -


PPE & Cleaning Supplies (A.K.A The Safety Section)

Staying safe and protected is incredibly important when working with 3D printers of any kind. Please be safe (I’m serious). Below are safety tools & cleaning products I use regularly: 

Gateway Safety Goggles -
Nitrile Gloves -
Silicone Slap Mats -
99% Isopropyl Alcohol -
Microfiber Cleaning Cloths (for cleaning FEP film) -
Sprayway 707 Glass Cleaner (for cleaning FEP film) -
Plastic Funnels (Set of 3) -
Peristaltic Pump -
300 mL Large Syringes - 


Print Finishing Accessories

I use a lot more than 3D printers, filament, and resin to finish my prints. These are some of the accessories I use to get the nicest end result on my prints. 

Mini & Model File Set -
Sanding Sticks -
Precision Tweezers (for removing supports in hard to reach places) - 



I love to paint minis and terrain (even if I print more than I can paint). Those of you with printers, will understand what I mean. Those of you who are just starting out will understand soon enough :) Below are some of the paints and painting tools I enjoy the most. 

Kolinsky Sable Hair Brushes -
Vallejo Game Color Acrylic Paint -
Rustoleum 2X Flat White Primer -
Rustoleum 2X Flat Black Primer -
Rustoleum Matte Clear Enamel -
Cheap Brush Set -
Badger Patriot 105 Airbrush -
Master Airbrush Air Compressor & Tank -
Glass Cleaning Pot Holder & Cleaning Kit -
Respirator Cartridges -
3M Reusable Respirator -

Video Equipment

G95 with 12-60mm -
G7 4K -
Lumix 25mm 1.7 Lens (My favorite lens for the nice bokeh) -
Leica 12mm 1.4 Lens -
Amaran 100D -
Aputure MC -
Viltrox VX-18M -
Geekoto 77'' Tripod -
Neewer Pro Ball Head -


Audio Equipment

Tascam DR-40X -
25 ft. XLR Cable -
Amazon Adjustable Boom -
Sony Headphone MDR7506 -
Product Turntable -
Neewer 43 Inch Reflector Disc -
Aputure Light Dome SE Softbox -
Impact Super Clamp with Ratchet Handle -
Neewer X12 Teleprompter -
Rode Wireless Go -
Rode SmartLav+ -