Side Quests: 10 Encounter-Pack (5E-Compatible) [PDF]

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Ever wish you could run encounters using the cool models you 3D print? Look no further than these encounters which are made to work with all of the miniatures, terrain, scatter, props, and maps from The Lost Adventures Vol. 1. 

This product includes digital versions of the following:

  • Side Quests Adventure which includes 10 encounters from the Lost Adventures Vol. 1 (recommended levels 2-14)
  1. Eye! Matey
  2. A Grave Situation
  3. Haunted Holdout
  4. The Pegasus Predicament
  5. The Diety Dilemma
  6. Cloud Giant's Gamble
  7. Wyrd of the Wayward Warrior
  8. The Stinging Sands
  9. The Fallen Conqueror
  10. Soothsayer's Sanity

IMPORTANT: This is the digital PDF version of this book. No physical product/version of this book is included in this item listing. 

    FORMAT: PDF (for both digital tabletop and home printing) 
    WRITTEN BY: Dillon Olney, Lou Anders
    EDITED BY:  Caitlin Smith
    FINAL LAYOUT/ART BY: Chris Knowles


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    Side Quests: 10 Encounter-Pack (5E-Compatible) is a part of the Lost Adventures Vol. 1 Collection, which was made thanks to 3,596 backers.