Scrying Pool (Set of 5)


Legends tell of pools that are used for it's magical properties - this scrying pool being among those that ACTUALLY exist! The Scrying Pool (Set of 5) includes the following 3D printable models:

  • Scrying Pool Base - Empty
  • Scrying Pool Base With Runes - Empty
  • Scrying Pool Insert - Ripple
  • Scrying Pool Insert - Ripple Stones
  • Scrying Pool Insert - Vortex
  • Scrying Pool Insert - Vortex Stones
  • Scrying Pool Insert - Water Still
  • Scrying Pool Insert - Water Still Stones 

This set is supportless and prints with no additional slicer supports needed.

FORMAT: STL (digital format for 3D printing)


150mm x 145mm x 70mm

SUPPORTS:  Supportless


SCULPTED BY:  Kesnia Trushkova (Ion Craft)


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More About This Collection: 

The Scrying Pool (Set of 5) is a part of the Lost Adventures Vol. 1 Collection, which was made thanks to 3,596 backers.