Royal Guards (Set of 3)


Protecting the King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Court (and anything else that might be royal) has never looked this good. This set includes the following 32mm miniatures:

  • Royal Guard 1 - Standing (Supportless)
  • Royal Guard 2 - Spear Forward (Supportless)
  • Royal Guard 3 - Drawing (Supportless)

The Royal Guard (Set of 3) come in off base and based versions, and all print with no slicer supports required. 

FORMAT: STL (digital format for 3D printing)


Any size
SUPPORTS:  Supportless (requires no slicer supports)


SCULPTED BY:  Vae Victis Miniatures


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More About This Collection: 

The Royal Guard (Set of 3) is a part of the Lost Adventures Vol. 1 Collection, which was made thanks to 3,596 backers.