Overgrown Head Statues (Set of 2)


Who created these statues? Why are there massive stone heads lying on the forest floor? An aura of mystery and intrigue surrounds these crumbling relics. 

This set includes 2 overgrown head statues. 

This set is supportless and prints with no additional slicer supports. These models have also beenpresupported for resin printingon a Phrozen sonic mini.

FORMAT: STL (digital format for 3D printing)


80mm x 85mm x 110mm

SUPPORTS:  Supportless


SCULPTED BY:  Przemysław Słowiński


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More About This Collection: 

Overgrown Head Statues (Set of 2) is a part of the Uncharted Lands Kickstarter which was made thanks to 3,798 backers.