Lost Dragons Lore Primer & Dragon Guide [PDF]


Discover the Lost Dragons and their followers in this 80-page introductory book including: 

  • 18 5E-Compatible Lost Dragon Stat Blocks
  • 18 Pathfinder-Compatible Lost Dragon Stat Blocks*
  • Lore Campaign Information including:
    • Origins & Rumors
    • Dragon Cults
    • Dragonkin
    • Dragonkin Kobolds
  • Dragon Minion 5E-Compatible Stat Blocks (PF-Compatible Versions also included*)
  • Build Your Own Cultist

IMPORTANT: This is the digital PDF version of this book. No physical product/version of this book is included in this item listing. 

Compatible with the 5th Edition of one of the worlds most famous RPGs.

* Pathfinder-Compatible Lost Dragons & Minion Stat Blocks included in separate, simple-format PDF.