Jungle Trees (Set of 3)


A leaning tree, a viney tree, and a thick tree - easy to print, easy to assemble, and easy to impress your players with! The Jungle Trees (Set of 3) includes the following 3D printable models:

  • Jungle Tree 1 - Inclined Tree
  • Jungle Tree 2 - Multiple Trunk Tree
  • Jungle Tree 3 - Thick Tree

This set is supportless and prints with no additional slicer supports needed.

FORMAT: STL (digital format for 3D printing)


205mm x 65mm x 50mm

SUPPORTS:  Supportless (FDM)
SCULPTED BY: Sebastiano Di Grazia


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More About This Collection: 

The Jungle Trees (Set of 3) is a part of the Lost Adventures Vol. 2 Collection, which was made thanks to 1,889 backers.