Jungle Heights Map Pack (Greensea Region)


Jungle Heights: The parts of the jungle high enough to be clouded, where falling is as dangerous as the creatures within. Perfect to add more variety to your forest/jungle adventures. The Jungle Heights Map Pack includes the following digital downloads:

  • Heights Bridge Fog (GRID/NONGRID)
  • Heights Bridge No Fog (GRID/NONGRID)
  • Heights Just Trees Fog (GRID/NONGRID)
  • Heights Just Trees No Fog (GRID/NONGRID)
  • Heights Ledge Fog (GRID/NONGRID)
  • Heights Ledge No Fog (GRID/NONGRID)
  • Heights Linked Fog (GRID/NONGRID)
  • Heights Linked No Fog (GRID/NONGRID)
  • Heights Pillars Fog (GRID/NONGRID)
  • Heights Pillars No Fog (GRID/NONGRID)
  • All of the above variants come in the following sizes: Letter, A4, Original, DTT

This map was made to be used with Into The Greensea Lore and Monster Supplement from The Lost Adventures Vol. 2, but are system-neutral, and can be used in any fantasy game, or digital tabletops such as Roll20, Fantasy GroundsFoundry VTT, Astral, and more. 

FORMAT: PDF (for both digital tabletop and home printing) 


A4, 8.5in. x 11in., Digital Tabletop
MAP ART BY: Lez Johnson (Zatnikotel)


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More About This Collection: 

The Jungle Heights Map Pack is a part of the Lost Adventures Vol. 2 Collection, which was made thanks to 1,889 backers.