Into The Greensea Lore & Monster Supplement [PDF]


Explore the Greensea region in this lore supplement, filled with information to help you use all of the models from the Lost Adventures Vol. 2 Collection. This 33-page supplement includes the following: 

  • Greensea lore including regional information
  • 19 Encounter Hooks
  • 16 5E-Compatible Monster Stat Blocks
  • 14 Easy-to-use NPC Blocks

IMPORTANT: This is the digital PDF version of this supplement. No physical product/version of this book is included in this item listing. 

Compatible with the 5th Edition of one of the worlds most famous RPGs.

    WRITTEN BY: Dillon Olney, Nick Porterfield
    ART BY: Kenji Gonzales


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    Into The Greensea - Lore & Monster Supplement is a part of the Lost Adventures Vol. 2 Collection, which was made thanks to 1,889 backers.