Flame Dragonborn (Set of 9)


The Flame Dragonborn (Set of 9) are 32mm scaled miniatures variant dragonborn miniatures inspired by the Flame Dragon from the Lost Dragons collection. Caution: Prone to burning things. 

This set includes:


  • Female Magma Dragonborn Crown
  • Female Magma Dragonborn No Crown
  • Male Magma Dragonborn
  • Female Magma Captain Cloak
  • Female Magma Captain No Cloak
  • Male Magma Champion
  • Female Magma Dragonborn Caster 25mm Base
  • Female Magma Dragonborn Shaman 40mm Base
  • Male Magma Dragonborn Shaman 30mm Base


  • Magma Orb Flame
  • Magma Staff 1
  • Magma Staff 2
  • Magma Wand
  • Spell Hand
  • Magma Axe
  • Magma Flail
  • Magma Shield
  • Magma Shield Symbol
  • Magma Spear
  • Magma Sword
FORMAT: STL (digital format for 3D printing)


Any size
SUPPORTS:  Require supports


SCULPTED BY:  William Chamberlain (Valandar)


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More About This Collection: 

Flame Dragonborn (Set of 9) is a part of the Lost Dragons Collection, which was made thanks to 1,457 backers.