Female Bugbears (Set of 3)


These bugbears are ready to brawl, taking on owlbears, adventurers, and other goblins alike. Add these three female bugbears to your arsenal, and take the fight to just about anyone. The Female Bugbears (Set of 3) includes the following 32mm miniatures:  

  • Female Bugbear - Javelin
  • Female Bugbear - Owlbear
  • Female Bugbear - Sword & Shield
The Female Bugbears (Set of 3) come pre-supported for resin printing by Greg Kourakos, 3D Printing Pro. Unsupported versions are included as well. 

FORMAT: STL (digital format for 3D printing)


Any size
SUPPORTS:  Pre-supported versions included (unsupported versions also included)
SCULPTED BY:  Andrew Biernier


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More About This Collection: 

Female Bugbears (Set of 3) is a part of the Lost Adventures Vol. 2 Collection, which was made thanks to 1,889 backers.