Clockwork Dragon


The Clockwork Dragon is a premium, 3D printable dragon for roleplaying or tabletop games that prints with no slicer supports required.

Format: STL (digital format for 3D printing) 

Default Base Size: 5'' (Diameter)

Scalable?: Yes (Recommended alternate base size range: 4'' - 6'')

Special Features: 

1. No slicer supports required for printing!

2. Rotating, posable neck and head pieces to make it feel just a little more special on your table.

3. 5'' Textured, Clockwork-themed base

4. Pre-split into multiple pieces for easier assembly & 3D printing on smaller 3D printers as small as 200x200x200mm.

Required Print Volume:  200x200x200mm

The Clockwork Dragon requires no supports to print.

Need a profile? Try our CR-10 and Ender 3 profiles here: 

More About This Collection: 
The Clockwork Dragon is a part of the Lost Dragons Collection, which was made thanks to 1,457 backers.