Bugbears (Set of 3)


An old favorite to throw against your parties: These bugbears are hairy, powerful, and have GREAT teeth! The Bugbears (Set of 3) includes the following 32mm miniatures:

  • Bugbear 1 - Javelin Shield (SUPPORTLESS)
  • Bugbear 2 - Morningstar 
  • Bugbear 3 - Crossbow
The Bugbear (Set of 3) come based, and Bugbear 1 Javelin & Shield prints without any slicer supports!

FORMAT: STL (digital format for 3D printing)


Any size
SUPPORTS:  Bugbear 1 is supportless, Bugbears 2 + 3 require supports


SCULPTED BY:  Andrea Tarabella (Artisan Guild)


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More About This Collection: 

Bugbears (Set of 3) is a part of the Lost Adventures Vol. 1 Collection, which was made thanks to 3,596 backers.