Jungle Dungeon ("Jungeons") Map Pack (Greensea Region)


Give your players a dungeon-like experience with these specially made "jungeon" map tiles. Perfect to mix and match and add variety to any jungle crawl. The Jungle Dungeon ("Jungeons") Map Pack includes the following digital downloads:

  • Jungeon Henge Fey Night (GRID/NONGRID)
  • Jungeon Henge (GRID/NONGRID)
  • Jungeon Pools (GRID/NONGRID)
  • Jungeon Pools Night Glow (GRID/NONGRID)
  • Jungeon Simple 1 (GRID/NONGRID)
  • Jungeon Simple 2 (GRID/NONGRID)
  • Jungeon Simple 3 (GRID/NONGRID)
  • Jungeon Simple 4 (GRID/NONGRID)
  • Jungeon Webs (GRID/NONGRID)
  • Jungeon Willow Night (GRID/NONGRID)
  • All of the above variants come in the following sizes: Letter, A4, Original, DTT

This map was made to be used with Into The Greensea Lore and Monster Supplement from The Lost Adventures Vol. 2, but are system-neutral, and can be used in any fantasy game, or digital tabletops such as Roll20, Fantasy GroundsFoundry VTT, Astral, and more. 

FORMAT: PDF (for both digital tabletop and home printing) 


A4, 8.5in. x 11in., Digital Tabletop
MAP ART BY: Lez Johnson (Zatnikotel)


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More About This Collection: 

The Jungle Dungeon ("Jungeons") Map Pack is a part of the Lost Adventures Vol. 2 Collection, which was made thanks to 1,889 backers.