Lost Adventures Vol. 1 Encounter Compendium [Hardcover + PDF Preorder]


Lost Adventures Vol. 1 Encounter Compendium [Hardcover + PDF Preorder] is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

This is a preorder item! The Lost Adventures Vol. 1 Encounter Compendium is estimated to ship in late Q4 2021. The PDF is estimated to be complete by the end of July. Once the PDF version is complete, you will receive the PDF, and will be notified of shipping once your book ships. 

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The Lost Adventures Vol. 1 Encounter Compendium is a supplement for 5th edition that contains everything you need to run multiple adventures or drop prebuilt encounters into your own games or settings. This Encounter Compendium is meant to go hand-in-hand with the Lost Adventures Vol. 1 Collection.

All 30 encounters are designed to easily be dropped into any game and include new monsters, spells, diseases, and items to enhance your playing experience. 

This 240+ page tome includes: 

  • The Verdant Queen Adventure (10 encounters for levels 1-5)
  • The Pestilent Priest Adventure (10 encounters for levels 5-10)
  • Side Quests (10 encounters for level 2-15)
  • 52 new items
  • 15 new monsters
  • 13 unique diseases
  • 5 new spells 

Specifications: 240+pages in hardcover binding and a full-color digital copy in PDF format. This book will be printed using the content from v1.0 of the Lost Adventures Vol. 1 Encounter Compendium. 

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