(Early Access) Innkeeper Tia (Storytelling Pose) + NPC Card - Lost Adventures Expansion Freebies #3


The warmest hearth in all of Greymill can be found in this innkeeper's inn. Don't bring any fights in here though - or you'll answer to her blade as well! 

This is the third early access freebie from the upcoming Lost Adventures Expansion! To receive future early-access freebies, sign up to the Lost Adventures Expansion Waiting List. 

This NPC Pack Sampler includes the following:
- Tia (Storytelling Pose) - Mini STL (Pre-supported Version & Unsupported Version)
- Tia NPC Card 

Feel free to share your prints on social media using the hashtag #lostadventures. We're looking forward to seeing your prints! Enjoy the model and the stat block.