3D Printed Tabletop Print & Photo Contest Winners

844 Entries. 15 Winners. Here are the winners and their entries:

After several months, and 844 entries to be exact, we've selected the 15 winners of our contest! Narrowing this down to 15 entries was INCREDIBLY difficult because there was so many wonderful stories, prints, and pictures as well. We read every single one of them - so thank you for participating.

So without further ado the winners:

  • 1st - Basak Sekercioglu Guver
  • 2nd - Cambell Baxter
  • 3rd - Joshua Keyak
  • 4th - Jason Cormier
  • 5th - Tim Habermann
  • Honorable Mentions
  • Cameron Hodge
  • Rebecca Moore
  • Connor Porter
  • Liam Robb
  • Robbe Vanden Brande
  • Brad Huffmanparent
  • Jackson Avery
  • Alessandro Tavecchio
  • Giuseppe Manfredi
  • Edmund Cheow

Winning Entries

1st Place: Basak Sekercioglu Guver

"This marine crane is the first model I have ever modeled from scratch, print and paint! This feels like total freedom to me :D I’ve spent 3 months on this project in small steps when I need some sane time in this crazy pandemic time of my life 😊"

2nd Place: Cambell Baxter

"This is a Knight from a Dubrovnik replica chess set. Average people can only dream of owning one - they only ever made a few sets... In 1950! The power of the digital design by Connor O'Kane and my small resin 3d printer has allowed me to make that dream come true."

3rd Place: Joshua Keyak

"One of my fondest memories growing up is building an Enterprise D model with my father. I started building a TOS Enterprise a few years ago and was eager to show my progress to my father at his next visit. Devastatingly, he passed away before he could see it. I modified the model so it is now the USS Aggies (his alma mater’s sports team) in his honor."


4th Place: Jason Cormier

"I dreamt of a Real Ghostbusters pack as a child, and being a Ghostbuster. Once I printed mine, my daughter insisted she have one. We’ll be busting ghosts together this Halloween. She picked the colours and we’re working on it together. It’s been so much fun, and I look forward to more printing projects for us in the future."

5th Place: Tim Habermann

"The print I entered is a massive airship that I worked on for a competition. It took me hours and hours of hobby time to print and paint it. Something that I haven't really had for a while because our DnD game stopped in the lockdown. Working on this big project meant that I had a purpose to keep being creative and combat my depression."

Honorable Mention: Cameron Hodge

"During my PhD I needed some form of flexible coupler which could be used to transmit torque but be really flexible in all other directions. No off the shelf coupler met my spec so I chose to make one. This print took a few attempts to get right but in the end was an integral part to me running my test and collect the data necessary to complete my PhD"

Honorable Mention: Rebecca Moore

"I’d love to print a clear jellyfish lampshade. Jellyfish are beautiful creatures, despite powerlessly drifting at the whims of the currents. I struggle with depression, but my love for jellyfish reminds me I can be beautiful even when adrift. Fixing my missing lampshade with something beautiful I printed myself will remind me that the light’s always there and that I can express myself and problem solve with 3d printing!"

Honorable Mention: Connor Porter

"This board game I created was basically entirely 3D printed and wouldn't be possible without one.

This means everything to me, as I never really fit into any group and now I finally feel like I can do anything after making this whole world in my mind come to life and now I'm having a games night this weekend to play it and create new friendships."

Honorable Mention: Liam Robb

"My photo is several prints i put together to make a diorama of my dog who passed recently. His name was King and i had him for 15 years. The well is because theres a well he enjoys to lay near at my grandads house, the squirrel is because he had a squirrel friend who lived in my garden. All the fish in the resin water are also 3d printed."

Honorable Mention: Robbe Vanden Brande

"As a student and teacher in the making, I LOVE combining my hobbies with teaching. Helping students understand new technologies and unlocking new creative avenues is what I strive towards. This 3d model was made and printed by one of my 12 year old students after a few lessons in modelling and 3D printing. It showed me that anything can be accomplished if you put your mind to it."

Honorable Mention: Brad Huffmanparent

"This is something I printed for my 12 year old daughter. The Wasp is her favorite Marvel hero because she kicks butt and doesn’t need a skimpy, oversexualized costume to do it in. I really appreciate the realistic proportions and pose of this model, and can’t wait to get it painted and up on her shelf."

Honorable Mention: Jackson Avery

"I always enjoyed tabletop gaming, especially board games. Yet, I was often disappointed unboxing a new game only to discover that I was couldn't play it due to my colorblindness. Several years later I discovered 3D printing; now I have the capability to make games more colorblind-friendly and vastly improve my gaming experiences. Pandemic is a game that I always wanted in my collection, and 3D printing made this possible."

Honorable Mention: Alessandro Tavecchio

"As a science educator, my favorite print is my mini Homo naledi cranium, from a laser scan of the actual fossil. Holding in your hand an exact replica of the place where one of our distant cousins thought, felt, and loved, is an incredible tool to teach evolutionary biology and build a connection to our past. Plus it’s so cool it’s not out of place even on a witch altar."

Honorable Mention: Giuseppe Manfredi

"The minotaur from Titan Forge is a meaningful print to me... because it was a failed print! Instead of throwing the mini into the trash I tried my best to save it: I sanded some stuff, added some hobby chains, and painted it. This print reminded me that all errors and issues can be solved with patience and a little bit of creativity!"

Honorable Mention: Edmund Cheow

"I initially bought my FDM printer to compliment my other hobby, Board games. But one day my 3-year-old suddenly asked me for a flower pot as she wanted to try planting.
Ended up making the planter and tiny little shovels for her to do some gardening. Now she comes to me every time she thinks of something she wants. Really love to see what she could think of."

The winners have already been notified - so if you are on this list and didn't know until now, please check your email (it's coming from danny@3dprintedtabletop.com).

We hope that some of these winning entries inspire you to start that hobby project you've been thinking of, to try again after a fail, or to make something for someone you love and/or appreciate.

Thank You

I need to say thank you to all of our sponsors, to all of the designers who participated and generously contributed to this competition, to our judges for their time, and to all of you for participating in this contest. It was a wonderful experience for us, and we hope it's been enriching for each and every one of you.

Until next time - Happy Printing & Happy Gaming!